What Caesar Must Be Paid

For long as be remembered
rulers have set their dues
and bade their pawns “collect them
and punish if refused.”

Bring in a percentage
of everything that’s made
You’ll render unto Caesar
What Caesar must be paid

But what of the protection
From flames and all the crimes
That make a body call them
A sign of the end times.

We pay from every dollar
we vote to give them more
then we find they’ve spent it
on some expensive whore.

Now poisons come from China
By the boatload every day
and yet another recall warns
Just throw this one away.

Drugs get out to doctors
without a proper test
and we still have the gall
to call this country best.

But for all it’s pitfalls
I’ll live here till I die
and so on April 15th
I’ll kiss my bucks goodbye.

~by Leathermenace

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