Championing Me

I’m not some kind of lesbian,
Though I owe my life to some.
I’m not some Father Knowsitall,
Though at times I sound like one .

I’m neither man nor woman.
No matter who may try.
I cannot change who I am.
I’ll be me when I die.

I need no operations.
I need no shots nor pills.
I could hide among you,
But who would want the bills?

Cut off this and grow some here.
No one would have to know.
A new ID, Start to shave,
And off to work I’d go.

Yeah I could walk among you,
And you’d never have to see,
The beautiful blend, the work of art,
That nature’s made of me.

We’ve cut away enough of nature,
To see that we lose that game.
We bulldozed hills to ease our path,
And the world’s never been the same.

Hills that once rolled free for miles,
All sliced and diced with tar,
Gravel, asphalt, Stores and malls,
scarred to accommodate our cars.

I cannot save the hillsides,
But I can champion me.
I’m different sure but that’s no cause,
To cut away what I’ve grown to be.

I’m not some show for nip and tuck.
I just won’t fit in either box,
As a man, I’m too tender and nurturing,
As a woman I’m a lummox .

I’m a gender blending outlaw.
I’m wild and yet have manners.
Two Spirited a Native American said.
A parade before the banners.

If you see me don’t be frightened.
I’m not deviate nor evil of the mind.
Look long enough to really see me.
You’ll find that I'm quite kind

Protective, nurturing, gentle, caring,
Ticklish, cuddly, warm, and strong
Nature’s made a harmonious tune.
It’s up to me to share that song.

~by Leathermenace 11-17-04

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