I’ll tell you of a firefly captured by a boy,
Imprisoned for it lovely light and used like a toy.
The firefly lived happily in an open field,
And at the break of dusk a sweet light it would yield.

One day as it slept a young boy happened by,
And took this chance - one of few - to catch a firefly.
He took it home with him in both hands cupped - not tight,
Peeking in now and then to see the pretty light.

He put it in a jar and on his window sill,
But no matter what he fed it his firefly lay still.
He prayed for God to fix it, he asked his Mom and Dad,
But No matter what he did for it his firefly seemed sad.

So with his cap and coat on he took his firefly,
Back too the open field in hopes it would not die.
He opened up the jar e’er so carefully,
And watched his firefly happily fly free

Now he goes back to that field,
When he wants to see,
The firefly he could not own,
And it’s family

My life is like that firefly’s.
I was born to shine,
So I let you live your life,
So you’ll let me live mine.

But if you cage me or try to change me,
My light would surely fade.
And why would any want to dim,
A light that God hath made?

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