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Not man, nor woman, that all can see, but what's to be done with those born like me? We must do something. A box must be checked. Society's fragile, It would be wrecked. I go by he. I go by she. Feel free to be you, 'cause I'm gonna be me. By Leather Menace


History of Gender Outlaws

By 5th century BCE transgendered god Dionysus is a major religious deity in western Mediterranean.

218-222 Syrian-born teenage Roman emperor Elagabalus (Heliogabalus) dresses in silks, bathes with women, and demands to be honored as "empress." During her short reign she seeks a surgeon to create a vagina for her male body.

1431 Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc) is executed for dressing in male clothing and refusing to change.

1642 Puritans temporarily close English theaters, a major reason being the corps of transvestite actors (genetic women were not allowed on stage).

1654 Queen Christina of Sweden abdicates throne and adopts male garb and name.

1676 M-to-F transsexual Abbe Francois Timoleon de Choisy attends Papal inaugural ball in female dress.

1702-1708 Edward Hyde, cousin of England's Queen Anne and appointed Colonial Governor of New York and New Jersey, rules colonies occasionally dressed in female garb.

1720 Notorious male-garbed pirates Ann Bonney and Mary Read convicted of piracy.

1755 French Chevalier Charles d'Eon spies on Russian royal court as a woman; thereafter lives as a woman in France and Britain.

1762 Maria van Antwerpen, "by nature and character, a man" and using the name Machiel van Handtwerpen, marries Cornelia Swartsenberg in Gouda, Holland.

1822 Dr. James Barry, a "passing" female-to-male transsexual, becomes Colonial Medical Officer for the entire British army in South Africa.

1850 Crow nation "woman chief" Barcheeampe noted by appalled white travelers in Wyoming and Montana; renown for war exploits and several wives.

1869 German Dr. Carl Westphal publishes first medical descriptions of transsexual clients, one F-to-M, one M-to-F, as cases of "contrary sexual feeling."

1870 Stella (Ernest) Boulton and Fannie (Frederick) Parks are arrested in London for "conspiracy to commit a felony" by dressing entirely in women's clothing. They are subsequently acquitted.

1878 Mrs. Nash, a married laundress with the 7th Cavalry (Col. George Armstrong Custer's command) for the last ten years, dies at Fort Meade, Dakota Territory, and is discovered to have a male body. Her latest husband, harassed by fellow soldiers, soon commits suicide.

1882 F-to-M Sophia Hedwig receives first known medical masculinization and legally changes name to Herman Karl.

1884 Female impersonators at the Bird Cage Bar in Tombstone, Arizona, scandalize reporters from Tucson.

1886 Six-foot "Zuni maiden" We'wha tours Washington, D.C., meeting President Grover Cleveland and other officials, who apparently had no awareness of her having a male body.

1890 Famed explorer Sir Richard F. Burton dies in England; his widow destroys his notes and several unpublished manuscripts that document sexual and gender variations around the world.

1895 The Cercle Hermaphroditos forms in New York to "unite for defense against the world's bitter persecution."

Circa1923 First M-to-F sexual reassignment operation is performed in Europe.

Between 1925-1930 German Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld coins the word "transvestism."

May 6,1933 Nazis burn the librarr and institute of Magnus Hirschfeld, which had contained a wealth of material about lesbian, gay, and transgendered people.

1952 Christine Jorgensen is first American to have sexual reassignment surgery in Copenhagen.

1953 Word "transsexualism" (coined about five years earlier) comes into general American usage as a result of wild journalistic frenzy over Christine Jorgensen.

June 1965 first SRS performed in the US.

1969 Lesbian and transgender patrons of Stonewall Bar in New York City start the "Gay Revolution" and the ensuing "gay' civil rights movement.

1977 Ingersoll Gender Center forms in Seattle, Washington.

1995 100 transgendered lobbyists from across America meet with the US Congress to push for full civil protections.

Compiled by Denise Ottoson, 1997

A couple of points to ponder: \(^^^^)/

1974 homosexuality and lesbianism were removed from the list of mental illnesses in the US

Present date Gender Identity Disorder is still used to label intersex and transgender individuals as mentally ill.

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