Ode To A Lego

Build what you like reds yellows and green.
you could build whatever you've seen.
window frames and shingles too
when it comes to these bricks the only limit is in you.
here have some wheels and a wind up motor too.
All this stuff to build with what is one to do?

I'll build a house! Yes! There's a door!
hours of fun spent on a living room floor.
Look Mom! Look Dad!I made it myself.
The really good ones go up on the shelf.

Don't worry about it We'll buy you some more.
And then you consider All the bricks at the store.
I'd build a whole city! There'd be no more need!
ooh! Maybe a jail cell, from which to be freed.

I'd be big as Godzilla to such a small city.
To crash it all down would be such a pity.
But I'd do it. I would, with arms all stretched out.
Roaring and turning knocking buildings about.
Dad laughs and Mom screams As if given their cue
buildings crumble, bricks scatter and the monster is you.

Now it's forty years later and Dad's passed away
but on your desk sit the lego cars you both made that day.
Mom says Dad watches over us all even now
so you pick up his picture and revisit your vow.

I'd never break a real city No matter how big I get.
"You're a good boy." he said" Now off to bed before mom has a fit."
Legos build a lot of things but none quite as grand,
As knowing "You're a good boy." while you ready your kids to go to Lego land.

~by Leathermenace

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