Old World Butch

From Just Another Old World Butch
I still have to stop and smile when I rememberThe first old world butch I chanced to meet. A tidy DA, blue jeans with the legs cuffed up. Leather boots that shone like glass, A black T-shirt with sleeves dyked up, I'm sure just to bare those tattoos for all to see.

I was just a child then, still made to wear a dress. But this woman was fully grown, and she dressed as she pleased. She stood tall and proud with head held high. She made no pretense or apology for being who she was. I remember wanting to grow up to be just like her.

I followed her covertly around the grocery store At first it scared me some, when she caught me watching, She lowered her dark glasses and looked right into me, She gave a smile much softer than I'd have ever guessed. She seemed just as drawn to me as I had been to her

We watched each other while we shopped. We played my first ever game of Spot The Dyke. A kind of peek a boo I see you, and I know you see me.This was a game of which I was sure my mother would not approve. A game that I played covertly until my eighteenth year.

She smiled at me each time I found her or she found me.Tipping her glasses for me to see the smile reached her eyes.I wondered what life was like for such a woman as her. Was she married? Had she Children? What sort of work did she do? My mind ran a mile a minute about this woman I'd seen. I went home that night and locked up in my room, Dad's VO5 and pocket comb I tried to make my hair do that too. I donned my brother's levis and another brother's shirt. I rolled the sleeves and cuffed the legs, and practiced standing up. Proud to have the bosom that set me apart from those common boys.

It was more than ten years down the road, Before I'd wear clothes like that outside. My first trip to a lesbian bar, I sported a thin black leather tie that night. I met others like that woman there. They taught me many things these women Old World Butches they called themselves. From a world all there own.They shared their pearls of wisdom with me. From a rule book, to this day left unseen to me.

Protect your femme at any cost,She's put her life in your hands. Don't hit or hurt or cheat on her. Or you'll have us to answer too. We hold you accountable for how you treat your girl. Treat her without honor, and you'll have yourself to blame when she walks out and spreads the word, That you are no better than any crass male cad. Lonely will be that butch who has no need of honor. Show her that her feelings matter just as much as yours. Women who date those like us are brave in love and life.To treat a brave woman badly is surely just a sin. Let her know you love her. She has the right to know. Find a way to tell her, and not just with your words. Show her that you're happy just to have her there. She's strong this femme you've chosen. Don't think her a weak fool. It takes some serious grit to shed the world's rules And take your arm and face society. She won't take your crap either, so you just treat her right. You'll find it works out best this way,Though we've all had to learn our lessons From the same old world school of hard knocks Honoring an old world femme can only lead to good And getting a name as dishonorable will just do harm to you.

A lesson taught in cadence
to help the lesson sink.
We all could stand to learn it well
no matter what you think.

Hear me well young butches,
it's a lesson best soon learnt
Hell will have no furry
like an old world femme who's burnt.

You may think you only play
a game all young folks play,
But will that comfort you a bit,
when it's alone you lay?

~By Leather Menace AKA Casey Covington <---that's me. :)

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