Old World Femme

Old World Femme how can it be,
That you see so much in me?
You smile and make eyes at me,
With star filled eyes for all to see.

When I come home you smile and say.
you missed me while I was away.
You rush to me with open arms.
you capture me with old world charms.

Like the way you say "behave yourself,"
when my manners lay on a shelf.
Your Old World ways keep me in line
and my Old World Ways say that's just fine.

An Old World Butch would waste away,
without the kind of games we play.
The pouting lip the knitted brow,
That scarcely fail to persuade me now.

Those timid eyes the sheepish grin,
that make my heart melt and give in.
Our games seem lost on nouveau femmes,
that seem to level their dyke on whims,

Lost to butches who just will not play,
a silly old game meant for some yesterday.
Too highly evolved to play an old game,
but single too long to know their own name.

Old world Femme I'm so glad you play,
You make life more fun to this very day.
I said all that to say this you see,
Old World Femme grow old with me.

Just some Old World Love for my Old World Femme

~by Leathermenace

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