Tested And True

It takes more than a fire to make a blade that's strong
For many of us this is where we go completely wrong.
Just because we've been tested some tend then to believe
We'll have to do little more than rest there in a sleeve.

A strong arm and a well stoked fire the hotter all the better
To ready our metal to fend off the strongest of go-getter.
Repeated poundings will insure that we have the strength
To keep our foes and death at least at a full arms length.

Like fire and a hammer life puts us to the test
And just like in our forging life gives us little rest.
Sometimes it will seem as though we can stand no more
when just before the breaking point we're let cool to adore.

There's very little that you'll fear once you find you're true
now that you know where and what you've already been through.
You'll stand at the ready the older that you get
Knowing damn good and well that it's not over yet.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do will be to just relax
When you've fought or fended off a series of attacks.
But don't forget the cooling we all need to cool down
find yourself a safe lookout and make it on high ground.

Take a moment while you're there to see the world around
Allow it's simple complexity your heart to just astound.
A moment just to take a breath and breathe all of it in
Soon enough, as you can be sure, you will be tested again.

~by Leathermenace

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