Time's Forgiving Grace

We go about our day with very little thought,
of where it all will go. All that crap we bought.
We bury it in landfills, they overflow one day
So we load it all on barges and float it all away

Time’s Forgiving Grace may one day go away.
Mother Earth has had enough of the way we play.
Her temperature is rising and her anger will be felt,
by all of us, and not just those who with her poorly dealt.

Will mankind survive it? Do we have a right,
To worry over mankind when all they do is fight?
They blow holes in the world just to kill each other.
Never thinking a single time of the earth as Mother.

If we actually survive just how we’ve hurt our earth
we may just find the sky looks like it did around her birth
Eons will have passed before the earth’s wounds all knit
depending on our actions our descendants may all see it.

One thing is for certain, if we don’t do something quick,
Mother Earth will up and die, she’s already very sick.
So help me make her better, There’s got to be a way.
Recycle, reduce and reuse, You could just save the day.

~by Leathermenace

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