T'was the night before New Years and all through the hood,
Hope had been lost. This year was not good.
Unemployment was high and so was the gas,
costs they were rising and rising up fast.

Celebrate the New Year they say on the news,
but how does one celebrate kids with no shoes?
Now that the bank took the house and your car,
the new year found you working to fill a tip jar.

Maybe next year will be better spent
hell right now You don't even have to pay rent.
no mortgage to pay, No car to consider,
no insurance nor tags, not even cat littler.
It seems that the money brought only more bills
more cost for everything even your pills
Your meds are all free now from the ER
you just wish the bank had left you the car

A warm place to sleep might give you some peace
at 4 am you'll get rousted by the police.
You can't sleep here you most move along
you look in your heart but there just is no song

This year will begin with you on your feet
freezing cold with your kids with little to eat
but when you think of the cause of this mess
pin the blame where it goes That big Corporate Chest.

They outsource and automate whenever they can
If it's not made in China then it's not done by man.
You need groceries fast then check them yourself
there are robots to bring you things from that shelf.

They just want your money and then you can go
but they couldn't do this without us you know.
Don't use the self checker it has no children
nor can it give you that heart warming grin.

People need money not banks and the store
Watch where it all goes if you really need more
pick who you pay like it matter these days
and let's make the coming ones the new good old days.

~by Leathermenace

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